Geoff Bullen has died

News of Geoff Bullen’s death came courtesy of Nick Broadbent. ¬†This is what Nick had to say:

It is with sadness that we learned of the death of Geoff Bullen, who contributed so positively to the club during the 1990s.

Geoff suffered from motor neurone disease and we have been told that he died suddenly a couple of years ago at the Cheshire Home in Dolywern, where he had been a resident.

Geoff was a batsman who played Sunday cricket for the club and was the Sunday skipper in 1994. After his playing retirement, he went on to umpire 1st XI matches for a couple of seasons.

Before his illness he lived in Llangollen and leaves his wife Jean, son Oliver and daughter Roxanne. Ollie was a bowler and played for the club for several years. He is a contemporary, friend and schoolmate of Barry Richards, who still plays for the club.

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