100 Club set to become the 200 Club!

11 Club resizedJust a bit of history first, in case there are members out there who have no idea what I’m talking about…
Some years ago, the Club decided to set up a 100 Club – the idea being that 100 members, friends, sponsors and supporters of Cae Glas would commit to paying £1 a month into the club’s coffers. Of course, as due ‘reward’ for such generosity of spirit, we undertook in turn, to pay out £50 per month to 5 lucky winners. It was decided to divi up the prizes according to the following scheme:
A first prize of £20 to one lucky winner
Two second prizes of £10 to two more winners
Two third prizes of £5 to yet another two lucky participants!
You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to work out that the scheme pays out a total of £50 a month, equating to £600 per year.
So, in order to make money, we needed more than 50 members contributing £50 per month to the draw in order to make a profit.
We achieved that from the start and I’m now happy to report that last financial year we had more than 80 members, generating an income of £1041 per year, resulting in a net profit of £441.
We haven’t done too much to spread the word about the 100 Club so its membership has stayed at more or less the same level for the last few years.
We’re starting the new season with an ambitious plan: to up its income to £200 per month. That doesn’t mean we need 200 individual members – some of the existing participants ‘buy’ 4 numbers per month but of course, their increased outlay gives them more chance of winning.
The prize draw takes place every month at the committee meeting. As you can see from the photo – checking the draw balls is serious stuff and demands a lot of committee attention!!
The lucky winners for January were as follows:
Winning £20 – KAREN LEONARD
We’re also open to ideas about changing the way the prize money is structured. Some people feel that just ONE BIG PRIZE of say £75, (conditional on increasing participation levels of course!) would motivate more people to join the scheme. What do you think? Make your views known to any committee member.
By now, you’re itching to get into next month’s draw! Just email Andy Dickinson, our new treasurer at ad1950@btinternet.com and he’ll tell you what to do. In the near future, we hope to have the form available as a downloadable pdf form on this website.
PS Look out for an upcoming article on indoor nets which start on 17th March – bank mandates will also be available from your team captains then.

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