Captain Keith is a record breaker

Cae Glas 1st XI captain Keith Yapp has earned himself a place in the record books after becoming the first player in the county to play at every cricket ground in the Shropshire league – an incredible total of 137 pitches, of which 114 are in Shropshire.

He earned the record at Wheaton Aston on 1st June this year, when the hosts’ captain presented him with a road atlas to mark the occasion. It is believed his record, which took 40 years to achieve, has never been done before.

Cae Glas Captain Keith Yapp Celebrates his achievement

Cae Glas Captain Keith Yapp Celebrates his achievement

“I started to realise that it could be done about 15 or 16 years ago when people would say ‘Have you played on this ground or have you played on that ground’,” Keith told the Shropshire Star.

“Since then we have been trying to ‘pick off’ some of the more obscure grounds, and with the Grasshoppers team I also play for, we have been able to do this – we just started to pick them off to get the fixtures.”

His tour has seen him notch up in the region of 1,700 matches and take to the wicket on grounds in hamlets, villages, towns, and, in some of the more obscure cases, pitches set up in little more than farmers’ fields.

Keith remains modest about his achievement but admits: “It is a piece of history. I’ve played everywhere and anywhere and against everybody, good and bad, I think. It’s been my life.” The only Shropshire cricket ground he believes he has not played on is at Cockshutt – and that’s only because it no longer exists.

Read the full story on the Shropshire Star website.

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