Demolition work started!


The gable windows are still in place!


It’s certainly a new look to the pavilion!


Just a few badly burnt roof timbers need replacing following the fire some years ago.


Looks worse that it actually is – honest! The only structural timbers needing replacing here were the ones in contact with the floor.


The roof timbers were in good shape – apart from the burnt rafters.

Sod’s law says that the weather would turn wet and windy – just when the workmen arrived on site at Gatacre to start demolition work.

As you can see from the pictures, the pavilion is now well and truly ventilated with through draughts guaranteed!

The good news is that the skeleton of the building is in very good condition.  I can tell you that we all breathed a huge sigh of relief on hearing this as the only timber that needed to be replaced was the bottom-most wood in contact with the concrete floor slab.  A new sole plate has therefore been inserted in sections with a damp proof membrane added in order to keep the new timber in good condition.

Not much else will happen on site until the first week in December as we have to wait for approval for asbestos-containing elements of the structure – such as the soffit boards – to be removed.


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