Great early Christmas present for Cae Glasians!!

After an anxious wait of almost 3 months, we’ve finally got the news from WREN (Waste Recycling Halloween KC1Environmental Ltd) that the Club has PICT0004been awarded a grant of £48,000 towards the cost of renovating the pavilion!  This is the actual amount that we asked for and as such, represents a great success story for the club.   Christine Bowyer (Pete’s better half), is our fount of knowledge on this subject and she knows from first hand experience that:

  1. many more applications are turned down than are approved and
  2. you rarely get the amount you ask for!

This award also gives us extra leverage in our Inspired Facilities bid which was submitted to Sport England at the beginning of November as our project is deemed much more feasible once an initial grant bid has been successful.

Since we have also pledged to contribute £5000 of club funds towards the cost of the project, with £5,000 also being promised from Shropshire Council, we are cautiously optimistic of obtaining up to £50,000 more from Sport England.  As reported previously, this grant decision is expected some time in April.WP_20141011_015

It was Christine’s experience and  knowledge of grant funding bodies that put us on the trail of WREN in the first place.  For those of you who don’t know – there’s a waste disposal facility at Chirk.  Because we’re within a 10 mile radius of the site, it means that we’re entitled to tap into monies made available from the Landfill Communities Fund.  Hurrah for waste disposal is all I can say!!

Photos illustrating this item of good news represent some of the many organisations we consulted in the process of compiling our comprehensive grant application.   They are in the process of being informed of our success.


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