More progress on pavilion!

A recent site visit found the pavilion surrounded by a sea of mud – but the inside stripped out and looking very clean and tidy. Nothing much was happening as the contractors were waiting for the specialist crew to come and deal with asbestos-containing items. That left the showers looking rather exposed and isolated as you can see from the pictures!

Work will obviously also come to a standstill over the Christmas hols, but we’re more or less on schedule since there was very little remedial work to be done to the skeletal frame of the building as previously reported.

Focus is now very much on completion – and getting the pavilion up and running. If anyone knows of any sports or community group that they think may like to take advantage of hiring out the new facilities from April onwards, please get in touch! We need to attract as many users as possible in order to keep the finances on an even keel.


The main entrance! Excavations required in order to add it to the footprint of the building.


Bare but tidy! Could be a bit exposed in that shower….


Carl and Griffer take a look at the plans to make sure everything’s in order.


Nice view from the kitchen window – note how sound the timber frame is!

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