New Pavilion for Gatacre – your feedback requested

Well, we’re almost half way through the season and some of you must be wondering when we’ll be getting a new pavilion….

Wheels grind slowly as they say.  There’s certainly been a lot of painstaking work put in by the committee on making sure we’re in a position to be able to replace the pavilion before it falls down!  Here’s what’s been happening:

  • Negotiations with Shropshire Council in order to secure a long-term lease.  These are progressing well.  As you might expect, there’s a lot of ‘going through small print with a fine-toothed comb’ involved.  However we’re very close to being able to sign on the dotted line.  As soon as we have a long-term lease on the pavilion and ground secured, grant bodies will look more favourably on any application….
  • Speaking of which…..we’ll probably be in a position to make our first application by the end of July.  This will be to an organisation called WREN.  We’re within a 10 mile radius of the waste disposal facility at Chirk, which makes us eligible for a community grant.
  • The second source of funding will be Sport England and their Inspired Facilities grant programme.  We should get an answer back from WREN by October, following which we’ll submit our application to SE.  With one grant secured (I like to think positively!), it should be far easier to tap into more funds.
  • Throughout the winter, we’ve been meeting prospective users of Gatacre Pavilion to find out their needs; to see how their needs dovetail into ours and to obtain documentation from them in the form of a consultation form which we can submit as part of our grant applications.  This was a very long drawn-out process – but a very necessary part of any grant application as we have to demonstrate a strong case for community support for our project.  Without it, we can kiss goodbye to any grant funding.
  • Most of you will know club member Gavin Porritt who is a Director of DPA (Design and Planning Associates) Ltd on Salop Road, has been studying the list of requirements from us as well of those of potential pavilion users.  He has come up with these drawings of the various elevations of a revamped pavilion.  view 1 brick resizedView 1 resizedview 2 brick resizedview 2 resizedview 3 resizedview 4 resized


As you can see, these are architect impressions of what the outside could look like – on the one hand, choosing brick as the external finish in contrast with a timber/render finish. There are pros and cons of both.

A copy of the proposed internal layout (too large to publish here) will be displayed in the pavilion. Team captains will also be provided with copies so that you can look at them and provide feedback.

General principles that were adhered to included:

  • keeping away and home changing rooms separate
  • making those facilities as roomy as possible
  • enlarging the social area while making the kitchen smaller in order to maximise income from hiring the pavilion out
  • greatly improving insulation and installing solar water heating so as to keep electricity bills as low as possible (allowing us to tap into grants which support such measures)
  • opening up the south-western elevation to improve access from the pavilion into community gardens

Any specific comments/feedback can be submitted via this website – it would be easier to have them all in writing please!  The committee looks forward to hearing from you.  You can contact us here.



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