Nick Chesters aka Lieutenant Briggs

Nick’s been at it again!  For those who didn’t catch his performance in ‘The Forester’s House’ – a dramatization of the last days of World War I

nickinuniform resizedpoet, Wilfred Owen – here’s a picture of the cast.  Oooooooh, I do like a man in uniform – and here’s hoards of them!  I really do think the ‘tache suits him.  Performances took place at the Marches School, Oswestry Cricket Club and Llanymynech village hall, which is where I caught up with him for the last night.  Playing Lieutenant Briggs, Nick had to adopt a toff’s accent and a military demeanour.  Nick and his fellow actors ensured that the atmosphere in the cellar of a house in which Owen and his comrades were sheltering just before the attack over the Sambre-Oise Canal took place, was brilliantly evoked.  As the play programme points out ‘the engineers had two long poles with cork floats attached, which they pushed out across the canal.  They fixed poles to the bank, placed duck boards between the two poles and made a hand rail – all the time under machine-gun fire and artillery fire…..Somehow, although most of the engineers were killed or wounded, they made their bridge and two platoons of the 2nd Manchesters went across to the other side of the canal. However, a shell then destroyed most of the bridge.  Wilfred Owen was encouraging his men to rebuild the bridge when he was shot……’ 

It was 4th November 1918 and news of his death was brought to his family in Shrewsbury on 11th November as the church bells rang out to signal the Armistice.  We salute you, Second Lieutenant Owen, as well as the other 800,000+ British and Commonwealth casualties of WWI.

Previous roles found Nick cast as Bottom in Old Will’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and as a detective in a farce.  No wonder he’s cast as a good all-rounder in Cae Glas teams – is there no end to the man’s talents?!  Actually – there is more, if you read on in the coming weeks and catch a glimpse of our first attempt at doing a Players’ Profile Page on our website.  Nick kindly volunteered to be a guinea pig for the first of what, hopefully, will be many more pages added over the winter as players step forward to have their deepest, darkest secrets revealed…..


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