Pete Bowyer – on national TV!

Well, Pete’s keeping very quiet about it – but I was browsing the BBC iPlayer yesterday and came across last Sunday’s episode of Countryfile.

Since it was all about Shropshire, I decided to tune in…My ears pricked up at the mention of ‘Meres and Mosses’ as I know that Pete works for Natural England at the Whixall Moss site.

So I wasn’t too surprised when he popped up on the screen. However, he wasn’t there to talk about the wildlife – he was brought on screen to explain to John Craven how the area had been used as a Starfish site during the Second World War. Starfish sites were large scale night-time decoys created during The Blitz to simulate burning British cities. The aim was to divert night bombers from their targets. Well, you learn something new every day….

Tune into the iPlayer to see Pete’s star performance:

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