Quiz Night – A Rip-roaring Success!

meatman team resized

Battams the Butchers team – with Andy the quiz master

tom g and girls resized

The rounders girls L – R – Jasmine, Lucinda, Louise and Rachel. Have no idea who the girl in the middle is……..

A good turn out at Oswestry Cricket Club ensured a great atmosphere and loadsa laughs as teams tussled with brain-teasers such as: Which 50s singing star’s real name was Ronald Wycherley? (answer – Billy Fury or ‘Dunno ‘wasn’t born then!’) ….and name a league football team that doesn’t contain any of the following letters:  a b c d e f g  (Answer:  Portsmouth).

Tough eh?  Well congratulations to ‘Boobs Jobbies’ (who dreamt that up?) or more politely, Rob Beaman’s team who scored 52 points out of a possible 90.

Coming second were ‘The Friday Oakers’, (Rich Jones, Julie, Eunice, Stav) with 50 points

Joint third were the ‘Poachers of Cricket’ (Nick Broadbent, Keith Yapp, Tom Gardner and  Barry Vaughan – the self-appointed pre-tournament favourites!!) who tied with Mark Jones’s Wrexham team, ‘the Mochyn Bidders’ who both managed a creditable 47 points.

Thanks to the Meat Man for a £20 voucher for the raffle (won by Neil Ruby), and Andy Dibnah who donated a bottle of whisky and bottles of wine and Hughie Roberts who donated various bottles, which all helped to raise much needed funds.  In fact we raised £470 including donations from the Oak (£100) and Oswestry Cricket Club (£100).

Last but not least, we’re grateful to Mike (Citizen) Smith  for setting the questions.

Almost forgot – thanks to the ladies of Oswestry Rounders team – in their words – for disgracing themselves on two counts – first by coming last – and second, by being the last to stagger out of the clubhouse a little worse for wear!

PS Tom – you’ll be meeting them again soon, ‘cos they’re going to come to some Thursday evening JOINT outdoor training sessions.

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