Sad Club News

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of our popular President, June Humphreys. June died at Whitchurch Hospital on Friday morning, (3rd April), and our thoughts are very much with Peter, our Patron, and their family at this desperately sad time.

The very many messages that have come flooding from players since the announcement, in tribute to June, is evidence of the impact she has had on the club.

Her absolute love of the game and its traditions are at the heart of the club’s philosophy. Playing the game in the “right spirit” was critically important to June. Accepting the umpire’s decision, playing honestly, winning with humility and accepting defeat with good grace where of paramount importance to June. Sportsmanship was key, and these are reflected in our club values which will live on as a testament to her.

She took pride in our success and competitiveness, but placed equal value on our reputation for playing hard, but fair.

She was a lady who had firm views….and she could be feisty on occasions,….. but there is no doubt that she absolutely loved the club and “her boys”, as we were affectionately referred to, by her. Her passion and emotional involvement in the club were always to the fore on the Presidents Days that she and Peter hosted, which invariably ended in an emotional speech from June about her pride in the club, which was huge and beyond question. 

Over the last few seasons she hadn’t managed to come down to the pavilion at tea time as she used to, but nothing escaped her attention from her vantage point on the car park, and she retained a keen interest in all cricket matters on and off the pitch right up to the end. She was particularly pleased to see the work that had been done on the ground over the last few years, and how wonderful it looked.

She was very much an active President and took great pride and pleasure in the club’s performances. Gatacre …..and the club will be a poorer place without her!

We hope later in the Summer, that we will have the opportunity to celebrate her life.

Andy Griffiths
Cae Glas Cricket Club

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