Who’s the ass? Need to get to the bottom of this one…..

Nick in full flow!

Nick in full flow!

Nic and Tit resized

We all knew that Nick had pulling power – but maybe not this much!!

Seems as if we’ve got a number of members who like dressing up! Who could forget the beautiful Tim Smith delectably dressed as the Queen of Hearts?

He’s got competition!  Although not playing a woman, Nick was definitely at the heart of things in the recent production of Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the Vaults pub – more performances took place in the beautiful setting of Chirk Castle’s gardens too.

In the role of ‘Bottom’, Nick first makes his appearance in a rather natty red hat!

For those of you ignorant of the plot – Midsummer Night’s Dream involves a lot of magic potions being put into people’s eyes – in order to make them fall in love with the first thing they see on waking.

It turns out that the king of the fairies, Oberon, has fallen out big time with his missus, Titiana, and he’s a bit put out…..

So, when the aforementioned Tit gets a bit of shut eye in the forest, Oberon fixes it that Bottom – who has now been adorned with an ass’ head – is first on the scene when the lady wakes up.

As you can see, this has dramatic consequences as she throws herself at his feet!!

You’ll be glad to hear that Nick has managed to get hold of some of the magic potion and will be selling it in aid of club funds after next week’s match…..

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